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What Should You Expect From Your Chiropractor? – Pain Care Associates

When you think about visiting a chiropractor for back pain or other ailments, you are probably expecting adjustments to your spine. While this is one type of treatment that Pain Care Associates chiropractic center offers, it is not the only one. You can expect full-service care for your pain from our office.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Our chiropractic office provides a wide range of treatment options that work in a natural way to resolve pain. We often use corrective exercises to build strength in muscles and physical therapy that provides exercises to improve flexibility, mobility and postural problems. We use spinal decompression, which involves a table that uses traction to ease pain as an effective nonsurgical treatment protocol for the treatment of disc problems such as herniated discs, degenerative discs, disc protrusions, and bulging discs. In addition, we use massage for muscle issues and ultrasound therapy, which relies on sound waves to treat pain. We also suggest a wellness program that will help to improve your healthy lifestyle overall.

Nonetheless, the value of chiropractic adjustments should not be thrown aside. This technique, which has long been used by specially trained professionals to line up the spine's vertebrae when they are out of alignment, can take away pain that is caused by pinched nerves and can encourage healing by having the body work as it should without interference. Because of these benefits, our chiropractic office includes chiropractic adjustments along with our other offerings.

Determining Your Treatment Plan

Our professionals give an in-depth medical examination to discover the root of your problem. You can expect a consultation with our chiropractor to learn about what has been bothering you and to talk about your goals. Our chiropractor also performs a physical examination with various tests, and we may take X-rays to get a better idea of your condition.

We will then create a tailored treatment plan that fits your problem and your needs. We will discuss your options with you, and we often decide on a combination of treatment methods to create the best solution to your problem.

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