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Whether from a sport injury, car accident, or medical condition, your chronic pain started out manageable. Over time though, it's gotten worse. Today, it detracts from your quality of life, preventing you from enjoying physical activities, concentrating at work, and sleeping well at night.

Before trying a radical treatment for your chronic pain, consider functional restoration instead. This is a type of physical therapy that can reduce your aches and discomfort. Our physical therapists in Little Rock use functional restoration to help get you on your feet.

What Is Functional Restoration in Little Rock?

Functional restoration is a treatment that slowly helps a patient deal with and even overcome their chronic pain. The patient will learn tips and techniques to deal with the pain. A physical therapist will also teach skills and exercises that can get the patient moving again.

Instead of feeling like your life is passing you by, with functional restoration, you should be able to get out and do the things you love again. That means better overall health and weight control as you won't be living a sedentary lifestyle. You can concentrate on your job instead of your pain when you're at work. You'll be able to sleep better, improving your quality of life.

How Does It Provide Better Flexibility and Mobility Improvement?

Functional restoration gives you better flexibility and mobility improvement over the long-term. During your first visit, you'll chat with a physical therapist about your pain levels. You'll also talk about your long-term goals for yourself.

Once you start a functional restoration program, you will have to do the exercises every single day. These often include walking, lifting exercises, and flexibility exercises. By doing this daily, you build up your strength and pain resistance.

Over time, your physical therapist will test you and compare your results to when you started. This is how they gauge your progress. If you're not doing as well as expected, your physical therapist will run some tests to figure out why.

Where Can You Find Functional Restoration and Senior Care?

Looking for Little Rock functional restoration and senior care? Contact us at Pain Care Associates. With our functional restoration and balance training, you can improve flexibility and reduce symptoms of spinal pain.

We're led by physical therapist Gena Woodward, MS, PT, who studied at the University of Central Arkansas. For more than 20 years, she's offered such services as muscle movement disorder diagnoses, the Kennedy Decompression Technique, and positional vertigo treatment.

Drs. Dana Browning, David Vang, and Dwight Stewart are also available to treat any underlying symptoms of spinal pain through their chiropractic care.

We offer such services as diagnosing and treating foot pain, migraines and headaches, fibromyalgia, bulging or herniated spinal discs, arthritis, sports injuries, vertigo and balance problems, and sciatica. We can also help if you have chronic joint pain, had a failed surgery, or you have a lack of sensation throughout the body.

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