What is Chiropractic in Little Rock?

Chiropractic Little Rock AR What is Chiropractic

Our Little Rock chiropractor provides natural healing solutions to patients without help from addictive pain medications or invasive procedures like surgery. Using whole-body techniques, chiropractic can relieve pain and treat chronic conditions. At Pain Care Associates, we're proud to offer the community of Little Rock the following chiropractic services:

  • Spinal adjustments. Spinal adjustments are done by our chiropractors to help re-establish alignment in the spine. Spinal adjustments are not painful. Spinal adjustments done right are safe and therapeutic.
  • Physical therapy. We offer physical therapy to help heal torn tendons and injured muscles. Physical therapy is often used hand-in-hand with spinal adjustments to heal musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Spinal decompression. Our spinal decompression procedure uses negative pressure to put bulging and herniated discs back in their place, providing pain relief to patients.
  • Nutritional counseling. Eating right is an important part of staying healthy and pain free. Our nutritional counseling services can help patients lose weight, and that reduces pressure on the joints and back.
  • Lifestyle advice. Sometimes patients can exacerbate their own conditions by sleeping in the wrong position, sitting for too long at work or engaging in activities that are hard on the back. At Pain Care Associates, we help guide our patients to a healthier lifestyle.

Chiropractic Heals Injuries, Treats Painful Conditions in Little Rock

Are you wondering if chiropractic is right for you? Below are just a few of the kind of conditions that chiropractic can treat:

  • Back and neck pain. Whether you suffer from back and neck pain because of an injury, an accident, a chronic condition or because of lifestyle choices, chiropractic can realign the spine, heal injured muscles and help restore you to comfort.
  • Sciatica. Sciatica is a painful condition caused when pressure is put on the sciatic nerve. At Pain Care Associates, we teach our patients to do exercises that relieve that pressure. In addition to the exercises, we treat sciatica with a variety of different chiropractic techniques.
  • Balance issues and vertigo. At Pain Care Associates, we offer vestibular rehabilitation to help heal the connection between the vestibular organs and the brain, providing relief to patients suffering from balance problems and vertigo.

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