Struggling with Sciatica in Little Rock?

Chiropractic Little Rock AR Sciatica

Sciatica is a painful set of symptoms indicating that you have an underlying condition pinching your sciatic nerve. It starts out with lower back pain that radiates down into one or both buttocks and down into one or both legs. The pain can range from dull and achy to sharp and electric, making walking, standing, sitting and sometimes even lying down painful. Numbness, tingling and burning sensations down the leg may also be present. The key to getting pain relief is finding out why the sciatic nerve is compressed and relieving that compression at the source to alleviate the pain. Fortunately, our Little Rock chiropractors have had great success using the DRS Protocol™ of chiropractics to diagnose and relieve sciatic compression and pain.

Chiropractics and DRS Protocol™ for Sciatica in Little Rock

The DRS Protocol™ is a truly comprehensive sciatica treatment regimen that includes chiropractics, spinal decompression, therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy and nutritional counseling. This multifaceted approach achieves sciatic nerve pain relief from multiple directions without drugs or surgery by stimulating the body to heal itself and become stronger and pain free using its own resources.

This is how the DRS Protocol™ relieves sciatic back pain and leg pain:

  1. Diagnosis: Our chiropractor in Little Rock first runs several diagnostic tests and discusses your sciatica symptoms with you in depth so we can determine the root cause of the pain. We listen to your concerns, answer all your questions and work together on the DRS Protocol™ treatment plan to help you feel better.
  2. Chiropractic spinal adjustments: Our chiropractor will use gentle, precise adjustments to correct any misalignments in the vertebrae. This can instantaneously relieve pressure from any compressed nerves, leading to welcome pain relief.Spinal Decompression: In people suffering sciatic nerve compression, the intervertebral discs may also be an issue. Compressed, herniated and bulging discs are notorious for causing this problem.
  3. Spinal decompression treatment is a highly-targeted form of traction that creates a negative suction force within these discs. This helps reshape and rehydrate discs back into their healthy shape and condition, which, in turn, releases pinched nerves.
  4. Physiotherapy Techniques: We use ultrasound, electro stimulation and other techniques to stimulate the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia) to boost circulation and reduce inflammation to accelerate healing.
  5. Therapeutic Exercises: To help you recuperate fully from lower back pain and sciatica, we teach you specific core-strengthening exercises and ergonomic techniques that will help you avoid future bouts of pain.Nutrition: To round out the entire healing menu, we provide nutritional counseling and recommend supplements so that your body gets the nutrients it needs to fully repair and strengthen itself.

No drugs, no surgery-just a highly-successful, all-natural, comprehensive approach to lasting pain relief and overall better health. If sciatic nerve pain is preventing you from living the active life you want to live, Drs. Stewart and Vang can help you say goodbye to the pain and hello to relief.

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