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Better Sleep Month With Your Chiropractor - Pain Care Associates in Little Rock

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Tossing and turning, you've had yet another night of terrible sleep. You might sleep in a restless state that causes you to still feel you are lacking sleep when you wake, or you might not be able to sleep at all. A chronic lack of sleep can be very dangerous and debilitating, yet over 60 percent of American adults struggle with insomnia and sleep deprivation on a regular basis. We are celebrating Better Sleep Month with a focus on the need for sleep and conquering sleep deprivation.

The Need for Sleep in Little Rock

There are over 70 different types of sleeping disorders that may cause insomnia. Studies have found that sleep is important for cognitive activities, emotional stability, memory recall and bodily nutrition. Surprisingly, your body needs a solid amount of sleep to perform nearly every important function, and poor sleep results in poor overall health.

When the body's rhythms are disturbed, it leads to increased cortisol levels (the stress hormone). If these hormone levels remain high for an extended period, the bone and muscle density will be reduced, the immune system is weakened, fat accumulates in the abdomen and thyroid function is hindered. This is often worsened if you are eating fast food, sugar, processed food and not exercising regularly.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Your chiropractor can help you fully relax. We know sleeplessness is often caused by mental stress or physical tension. With chiropractic therapies, like spinal adjustments and massage therapy, we can help you reach a state of relaxation that is similar to deep sleep. With your muscles at ease, your body in line and your blood flowing freely, you will be more likely to enjoy relaxation in your own bed as well. Let us help you with sleeping struggles!

Regular visits to your chiropractor will lead to solving back pain, breathing problems, restless leg syndrome and many other problems that could be leading to sleepless nights. Our patients have found chiropractic care has helped them in ways they never dreamed - we make critics into believers! Are you ready to try it out?

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