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Chiropractic Little Rock AR Balance Training

Your balance is something you probably don't think much about. You go through your day, doing your thing as usual until something feels weird. When you walk or stand for too long, you may feel woozy. It can be hard to walk without tripping. You just feel off.

As you get older, you may experience balance problems like these. Instead of ignoring them and pushing through, you should get senior care through our physical therapists in Little Rock.

What Is Balance Training in Little Rock?

Balance training involves taking part in exercises under the guidance of a physical therapist. This form of senior care is meant to restore your balance with continued sessions.

You may use a balance board or ball called a Bosu, learn yoga and tai chi, practice the motions of walking on a tightrope, get up from sitting hands-free, do alternating knee lifts as you walk, or balance your weight on one side and then the other.

Eventually, you'll be asked to stop using chairs and other props that help you learn and stay standing. Your resistance will get better each time you do these exercises. You should notice considerably better balance by this point as well.

You won't always have to see your physical therapist for this training. Many of these moves can be done at home, as they require chairs and basic exercise equipment at first. That means you can continue retraining your balance between sessions.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to this training. First, you'll enjoy mobility improvement. You'll also notice flexibility & posture improvement when you get physical therapy in Little Rock. You'll be able to walk without difficulty. The dizziness that plagued you should disappear. Your balance will feel righted again. This reduces the rates of slips and falls and other accidents.

These exercises do count as aerobic activity, so you could even lose weight while improving your body's balance and flexibility. With some easy strength training exercises, your muscles get a workout and tone up.

See Your Physical Therapist in Little Rock For Mobility Improvement

To get started on your mobility improvement training today, we encourage you to come see Pain Care Associates, your physical therapist in Little Rock. We offer chiropractic and medical treatments for joint and spinal abnormalities.

Our physical therapist, Gena Woodward MS, PT, has been in the physical therapy industry since 2000. She graduated from the University of Central Arkansas, earning her Master of Science in Physical Therapy. Gena uses active rehabilitation and manual therapy techniques to reduce pain and improve flexibility and balance. She's especially adept at diagnosing muscle movement disorders and reducing positional vertigo, which may be causing your balance problems.

That's not all we offer at Pain Care Associates. Our senior care will help you get active again, enjoy flexibility & posture improvement, feel stronger and more balanced, and ease your anxieties about slips and falls.

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