Sciatica FAQs At Pain Care Associates

Chiropractic Little Rock AR Sciatica

Sciatica is a collection of pain symptoms that affect the lower back, glutes, and the backs of the legs. Sciatica may affect only one side or both sides of your body. The pain can be felt as a dull, achy, irritating pain which can get in the way of daily activities. It can also be an excruciating, stabbing pain that prevents you from lying, standing or sitting comfortably. Pain Care Associates also reminds that sciatica can result in numbness or tingling sensations in your back or legs.

When you have sciatica, the sciatic nerve in your lower back is compromised. This may be the result of a bulging or herniated disc that puts pressure on the nerve. It could be a bone spur on the vertebrae that irritates the nerve or a narrowing of the spine that is compressing the sciatic nerve. Our chiropractors will evaluate your condition and help you understand the reasons for your pain.

Some risk factors for sciatica cannot be changed, such as your age and your genetics, but other conditions that may lead to sciatica can be changed. You can maintain a healthy weight and avoid obesity, which could lead to diabetes, which results in nerve damage. You can avoid excessive twisting or prolonged sitting which can contribute to sciatica. Also, limit your lifting of heavy objects, or reduce the weight loads when possible to lessen the strain on your back. Our chiropractors in Little Rock and Benton can also teach you exercises to maintain a strong and flexible spine. We will also show you proper posture when sitting and standing to reduce the strain on your lower back.

Our doctors use a DRS Protocol™ to treat sciatica. This includes a thorough examination and a personalized care plan to fit your specific needs. Some of our techniques include spinal adjustments and manipulations, spine decompression, soft tissue stimulation with ultrasounds and electro-stimulation to promote healing, the use of exercise to re-train the muscles and bones and nutritional guidance.

Using our gentle, non-invasive techniques, we hope to treat your sciatica symptoms without surgery. Our chiropractors will see you on a weekly basis to help you manage your symptoms, reduce your discomfort and prevent recurrences of sciatic pain. Our goal is to return your body to its healthiest state so that it can heal and continue to function without pain.

It may be helpful to write down your symptoms including when they began and if you had an accident or injury. Also, you can bring a list of questions for our chiropractors who will give you the answers you need to reduce your concerns.

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