Have You Injured a Disc in Little Rock?

Chiropractic Little Rock AR Disc Injury

If you suffer from herniated and bulging discs, you may find many of your favorite activities are no longer possible. The near-constant pain and discomfort from this condition constantly threatens to worsen with the simplest of movements. Bending over or standing up too fast can send pain shooting through your body at breathtaking speeds. Although many doctors are quick to suggest surgery for this debilitating condition, it is actually possible to reverse the damage with chiropractic care. Our Little Rock chiropractors can help treat your disc issues.


While shooting pain is the main symptom of herniated and bulging discs, there are many other symptoms to watch for with this condition. Spinal misalignments put an immense amount of pressure on the nerve bundles, causing the bulk of these additional symptoms.

The pressure can compress the nerves and cause burning, numbing or tingling sensations through the affected areas and beyond. You may even feel these sensations and pain from your disc misalignments through your limbs. If you do not have this condition repaired with chiropractic care, the bulging discs could suddenly rupture and necessitate surgical repair.

Treatments Offered by Chiropractors at Pain Care Associates in Little Rock

Chiropractors can use a variety of non-invasive treatments to maneuver the discs back in place between your vertebrae. Images taken during the diagnostic process help indicate the right combination of treatments required to reverse your condition. You may see gradual or sudden improvement of your condition from each chiropractic treatment, depending on the severity and location of your bulging and herniated discs.


Spinal adjustments realign the vertebrae in your back to allow the discs to pop back into place on their own. The adjustment process arranges your vertebrae into a healthy, natural alignment without causing pain or discomfort. Adjustments reduce pain, improve posture and facilitate recovery from herniated and bulging discs.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression techniques also help make room for discs that are bulging out of place. The decompression process gently stretches your vertebrae apart just far enough for the discs to slide into alignment.


If weak back muscles do not help support your spinal column during recovery, your discs could repeatedly slip back out of their respective positions after each successful chiropractic procedure. Therapeutic exercises help to strengthen these muscles to protect from future injuries and other complications during the healing process. As your muscles build strength, they can better keep your spine aligned and discs between your vertebrae after making a full recovery.

If you are ready to seek help for your spinal misalignment and herniated discs, contact Pain Care Associates at our Little Rock office at (501) 223-3314 for an appointment today. Your chiropractor will help you establish a treatment schedule that fits in with your daily obligations while speeding up recovery from this painful condition.

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