What can the DRS Protocol™ help in Little Rock?

Chiropractic Little Rock AR What Can DRS Treat

Many factors exacerbate chronic back and neck pain. Poor posture, sudden trauma or injury, stress and poor nutrition are a few examples. A relatively new non-surgical protocol called Axial Decompression or the DRS Protocol (Decompression, Reduction, and Stabilization) is an effective way to relieve pain while correcting certain disc deformities.

This is excellent news for patients suffering from chronic, debilitating pain associated with conditions like the ones below.

  • Herniated Discs
  • Bulging Discs
  • Soft Tissue Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Facet Arthropathy
  • Disc Deformities
  • Spondylosis
  • Sciatica

Treating Low Back and Neck Pain with the DRS Protocol™ in Little Rock

Decompression Therapy is appropriate for patients who experience moderate to severe low back and neck pain for longer than thirty days. People who have recurrent/frequent regional pain for more than six months may also benefit from spinal compression therapy, sometimes achieving better outcomes than those who opt for surgery and other treatments.

Managing Sciatica With Spinal Decompression Treatments

Unlike long-term pain management protocols, spinal compression therapy doesn't have any dangerous side effects or contraindications for patients with sciatica. After completing a series of closely-timed sessions, we taper off the sessions to one per week or less. Patients report a consistent reduction of pain and are able to increase their quality of life as intensity levels drops.

Overcoming Herniated Lumbar Disc Pain with the DRS Protocol™

Applying a series of gentle treatments that elongates the lumbar discs, returning them to a more normal size and shape. Correcting the anomaly improves nutrient absorption and speeds healing. Relieving the pressure on herniated/bulging discs allows the body to heal itself quicker while reducing pain.

Eliminating Numbness and Tingling Associated with Pinched Nerves

Impinged nerves disrupt normal communication between the brain and other body parts, resulting in pain, numbness, tingling and in severe cases, loss of mobility or function.

Trapped or impinged spinal nerves may result in pain anywhere in the body. Bony structures, swollen tissues, compressed discs may result in tingling hands, feet, legs, arms and other areas.

Swollen ligaments and tissues near spinal nerves also impede nerve signals. Relieving inflammation and restoring the spine to a healthy condition restores normal nerve impulses, reducing pain and improving quality of life for patients.

The DRS Protocol™ Treatment Options for Herniated Cervical Discs in Little Rock

Studies confirm intermittent axial-decompression is effective in reducing/eliminating pain, improving nerve signals and facilitating healthier blood flow to muscles. Decompression therapy is a non-invasive protocol that gradually restores herniated cervical discs to a more normal, healthy status.

Spinal decompression treatments are a cost-effective, safe alternative to surgery that provides relief from chronic debilitating pain for many people. If you're experiencing frequent pain, loss of mobility or other disruptive symptoms, please call our Little Rock office today to schedule an appointment for a spinal evaluation.

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