Our Mission at
Pain Care Associates

Chiropractic Little Rock AR Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor in Little Rock

At Pain Care Associates, we are committed to providing pain relief and other health services to the Little Rock and Benton communities. Residents of these communities and the surrounding areas can come to one of our two offices to meet with our Benton chiropractor or Little Rock chiropractors. During a visit, each person will receive treatment techniques that are designed to treat the root problem that is causing symptoms.

We Provide a Blended Approach

When you come to Pain Care Associates for your health needs and goals, we will not simply offer the same approach to you that we provided for your coworker or neighbor. We know that each case is different, so we will come up with a targeted treatment plan based on your specific needs. We will come up with a customized treatment plan by giving you an assessment during your first appointment, where we look into the causes of your pain or other problem, and talk to you about your health and your goals. We will also discuss various treatment options with you, and work with you to create your treatment plan.

We are able to ensure that each patient gets optimal treatment for their personal situation by offering combined approaches within each person's treatment plan. If you come to our office for pain relief and wellness, we use a variety of chiropractic and physical therapy methods in combination to meet your needs. We can discuss the treatment types we might combine for your particular case when you come for your first appointment.

Treatment Methods Our Offices Provide

Our chiropractors provide traditional chiropractic adjustments and gentle instrument adjustments to help with pain, and improve function and contribute to the body’s wellness.

We blend our chiropractic methods with physical therapy approaches. Our offices use ultrasound therapy that treats pain with low heat sound waves. We also offer massage and physical therapy exercises that can help with pain, improve mobility and flexibility, and help with posture.

We always create a tailored plan for each person that includes the approaches that are likely to provide the most improvement for the specific case.

Visit Our Little Rock or Benton Chiropractor

Pain Care Associates includes two offices in the central Arkansas area, so we can cater to a wider audience and help as many people as possible find the pain relief and wellness they need. Depending on where you live, choose our Benton office or our Little Rock office. Call the office you prefer to set up your first appointment, where we will provide an assessment and determine your treatment approach.

Visit Our Little Rock Physical Therapist

To make an appointment with our physical therapist, Gena Woodward, at our Little Rock location, please call us at (501) 223-3314. Visit the Meet the Team page to discover more about our physical therapist and to set up your appointment.