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What Can A Chiropractor Treat in Little Rock? - Pain Care Associates

What Can A Chiropractor Treat? – Pain Care Associates

Chiropractors treat injuries to the neck and back caused by sports injuries, whiplash, auto accidents and tension. While many injuries are caused by accidents, they're also caused by such everyday events as tension, sitting in a chair the wrong way or allergies. Chiropractors align the spine to alleviate stress on nerves and the associated pain. Chiropractic treatment aids the immune system to more effectively fight infections and control allergic reactions.

A chiropractor also treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system affecting muscles, ligaments and joints. These conditions impact the nervous system, and can cause pain and dysfunction to parts of the body that aren't near the problem's origin.

General health issues are part of a chiropractor's expertise.The health of our musculoskeletal system affects our overall wellbeing. Chiropractors also counsel patients on healthy habits that encompass diet, nutrition and exercise.Sometimes treatment includes recommendations for occupational and lifestyle modification.

One of the chiropractors core competencies is the treatment of back pain and neck pain and headaches. Neck pain and headaches are sometimes treated with cervical manipulation. This technique is sometimes referred to as a neck adjustment. The treatment's goal is improvement of the neck's joint mobility. Success means that range of motion is restored and muscle spasms reduced, with the patient's pain and discomfort from pressure and tension alleviated.

Auto accident injuries, including whiplash and stiffness in the neck, can be caused by a soft-tissue injury resulting from the accident. Such injuries can take weeks or even months to heal, but with chiropractic treatment, including electric muscle stimulation and home self-care, pain and inflammation can be reduced much sooner.

The Graston Technique is an effective treatment for sports injuries and other injuries caused by repetitive stress. It's a technique widely used by professional sports organizations, and just one of the methods that we use at Pain Care Associates. We also treat back and neck pain with spinal correction and chiropractic adjustments using the most recent methods. Dr. Dwight Stewart applies his extensive knowledge to provide his patients with pain relief, and help them live a healthier, more enjoyable life.

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