3 Reasons Why Conservative Care Matters: Chiropractic Care Benefits

3 Reasons Why Conservative Care Matters: Chiropractic Care Benefits in Little Rock

3 Reasons Why Conservative Care Matters: Chiropractic Care Benefits

Chiropractic care is a type of conservative care that can help reduce the need for pain management medication and invasive surgical procedures. Studies show that when conservative care is the primary treatment method for an injury or pain, patients are less likely to need more invasive procedures and are more satisfied with their treatment outcomes. In honor of October being "National Chiropractic Month", our wellness team is excited to share three reasons why chiropractic care make a big difference for your health.

Learn Why Chiropractic Care is Beneficial for Your Health

#1: Chiropractic care is safe, precise and effective.
Do you think chiropractic care is just about popping and cracking the spine? Then think again! Today's chiropractic adjustments are more precise and gentle than ever. While some popping sounds are normal (that's just air being released from between the joints), these sounds are also pretty rare during today's modern adjustment process. Many chiropractors offer a combination of hands-on adjustments and computerized adjustments. At Pain Care Associates, our goal is to provide the best possible care in the safest manner.

#2: Conservative care reduces the need for surgery.
According to a recent research study of Washington state workers, only 1.5 percent of individuals who visited a chiropractor for back-related pain ended up having back surgery - compared with 42.7 percent who saw the surgeon first. Additionally, the study found that patients who opt for more conservative care methods are generally more pleased with their treatment outcomes. This is especially important since back surgery is not always a success; in fact, our chiropractor often sees back surgery patients who are actually in more pain after the surgery than before. Following a conservative treatment approach generally produces better outcomes.

#3: Chiropractic adjustments may help reduce the risk for future pain.
Regular chiropractic adjustments are not only an effective way to manage current pain, but they are also a smart investment in your future health. Maintaining proper spinal alignment reduces the risk for chronic pain and injury.

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