Tips for Working Outside in the Summer – Pain Care Associates

Tips for Working Outside in the Summer - Pain Care Associates in Little Rock

Tips for Working Outside in the Summer – Pain Care Associates

As the summer months approach and the warmer weather arrives, yard work is something that exists on almost every homeowner's task list. Making sure that you keep your neck and back safe from strenuous movements can help in avoiding injury and long-term pain. Our chiropractors in Little Rock have some tips for keeping yourself safe while working in the yard:

  1. Warm up beforehand. Like any type of strenuous activity, you should spend time beforehand warming up your muscles so they’re ready to work. This also avoids sprains and extra soreness. You can take a quick walk around the neighborhood or perform some stretches to ensure that you’re ready for a day in the yard.
  2. Make sure to drink plenty of water. During the summer months, it’s easy to overheat and become dehydrated. Your muscles need water to function properly and appropriate water levels can help prevent cramps and spasms. By keeping a bottle of water close by, you can make sure your body is hydrated as you work.
  3. Vary tasks. By switching up your tasks, you can make sure that all of your muscle groups are being used evenly and you aren’t overworking or straining any part of your body. For example, start by raking and then switch to planting. After you’ve had some rest, then you can carry the bags of leaves you were raking before to the curbside.
  4. Take breaks. It’s important to take breaks when working for long periods of time, especially when that time is spent outdoors. First, this helps you avoid overheating and provides plenty of time to drink water and enjoy the shade. Second, you can check in with yourself and make sure to account for any pain you may be feeling that you didn’t acknowledge while you were working. Whether this means taking several breaks in one day or spreading yard work over several weeks, it’s important to consider your health first.
  5. Lifting and bending. When working on several tasks at once, sometimes it’s easy to take shortcuts and disregard proper form to avoid injury. When working outdoors for long periods of time, it’s especially important that you remember to lift using leg strength (not back strength) and avoid crouching or bending from the waist. If you’re working in the ground and digging in a garden, it’s best to kneel on a soft mat to avoid straining your lower back.

These are some of many precautions you can take as you work outdoors during the summer. It's important to remember that the heat can often tire us much faster than working in cooler temperatures, so check in with yourself regularly to make sure you're feeling great.

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