Reasons to see a Physical Therapist in Little Rock

Reasons to See A Physical Therapist in Little Rock

Reasons to see a Physical Therapist in Little Rock

When you have frequent or chronic pain that is not improving on its own, physical therapy can provide you with relief. This type of treatment focuses on helping you make a full recovery from injuries or manage pain associated with a chronic condition, such as arthritis. At Pain Care Associates, we offer physical therapy in Little Rock that can help you enjoy relief from ongoing pain. This treatment offers a number of benefits for those who have had sports injuries or other personal injuries and those who have an underlying medical condition that causes pain and stiffness.

Types of Treatment Offered from Our Chiropractor in Little Rock

Stronger Muscles for Reduced Pain- Our physical therapy services are designed to help you build stronger muscles in the affected parts of your body, especially around joints that are stiff and painful. Having improved muscle strength provides your joints with more support, which helps lower your risk of continuing to experience pain in those areas. Our physical therapists guide you through exercises that focus on building up muscle strength.

Flexible Joints for Increased Comfort- When you go through physical therapy at our Little Rock location, we also help you improve your range of motion through stretching exercises. These exercises help increase flexibility in the affected joints in your body, which makes it more comfortable for you to move around and perform everyday tasks. Having greater flexibility in your joints also lowers the chance of having pain and stiffness occur again.

Improved Posture- The way you hold your spine when you sit or stand can trigger pain and cause back problems. Our physical therapists can work with you on improving your posture and stabilizing your spine in order to reduce your risk of pain and discomfort.

Contact Our Little Rock Physical Therapist

If you have persistent pain from past injuries or other conditions, please contact our Little Rock physical therapist. We can help you find relief from chronic pain and reduce your risk of experiencing it again. Contact our Little Rock location for an appointment today!

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