Benefits of Combining Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care in Little Rock

Benefits of Combining Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care in Little Rock

Benefits of Combining Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care in Little Rock

After suffering an injury, you might find that you have persistent pain that does not seem to go away with conventional treatment methods. While surgery might offer pain relief, it comes with a number of potentially serious risks. For safe, non-invasive treatment, consider combining physical therapy with chiropractic care. This combination offers an effective plan to ease the pain while also improving your well-being as you recover.

Your Chiropractor in Little Rock Offers Safe Treatment

Chiropractic care involves having spinal adjustments done in order to bring your discs into the right alignment. When you have a spinal misalignment due to an injury or a medical condition, it can cause chronic pain and stiffness. Our chiropractor in Little Rock offers manual adjustments that are safe and effective for alleviating pain. When combined with physical therapy, this treatment plan helps ensure that you make a full recovery from injuries or manage a chronic condition effectively.

Your Physical Therapist in Little Rock Provides Effective Pain Relief

Physical therapy involves doing exercises that improve coordination, build strength and improve your range of motion. Doing these types of exercises provides you with the joint flexibility and muscle strength your body needs in order to recover. At Pain Care Associates, we combine this type of therapy with spinal adjustments to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan for relieving pain and stiffness. The adjustments help your body heal, while therapeutic exercises help restore your range of motion and muscle strength in order to lower your risk of having pain come back again.

Visit Your Chiropractor in Little Rock Today!

If you need help for an injury or health condition that causes ongoing pain, please contact Pain Care Associates for an appointment with our chiropractor in Little Rock. You can also ask about seeing our physical therapist in Little Rock for pain relief.

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