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Physical Therapy for Balance Issues and Vertigo in Little Rock - Pain Care Associates

Physical Therapy for Balance Issues and Vertigo – Pain Care Associates

If you suffer from vertigo, dizzy spells and nausea on a regular basis, there may be a disconnect between the motions of your eyes and head and the delicate components of your vestibular system. In addition to the disorientation and safety concerns posed by such difficulties, your attempts to compensate for the imbalance can also cause musculoskeletal discomfort. If this sounds like you, then you will be glad to know that you can get the physical therapy you need to restore your sense of balance right here at Pain Care Associates.

Three types of sensory input are essential for balance -- physical sensations, visual images, and signals from your vestibular nerve and organs of the inner ear. These sources must work in concert to send clear, intelligible data to the brain, which processes it and sends motor commands to the muscles. This process occurs constantly as you stand, sit, or move to help your keep your equilibrium.

If the vestibular system malfunctions, the brain no longer knows how to balance the body. This may give you the "spins," cause you to feel sick, or make it impossible to move about safely. You may instinctively react by trying to orient your body in certain ways, such as turning your entire body instead of just your head and keeping your eyes fixed on the floor to avoid falling. These unnatural postures can stress muscle groups and eventually contribute to fatigue, muscle pain, headaches and other issues.

Our Physical Therapy Programs Can Help

If your balance issues do not resolve within a few weeks' time, you may need vestibular rehabilitation therapy, or VRT. This form of therapy focuses on restoring proper communication between your sensory apparatus and your vestibular system. We can prescribe a customized exercise program based on a detailed evaluation of your symptoms and medical history. At the same time, we can use chiropractic care to treat any accompanying musculoskeletal problems. Let us help you get back in balance!

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