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Frequently Asked Questions About DRS Protocol in Little Rock - Pain Care Associates

Frequently Asked Questions About DRS Protocol – Pain Care Associates

You may feel reasonably familiar with many of the terms of the holistic healing trade -- but how much do Little Rock DRS Protocolyou know about DRS protocol? If you have never heard of this approach toward pain relief and healing, now is a great time to learn! Here are some of the common questions we get about DRS protocol here at Pain Care Associates:

What is DRS protocol? DRS protocol is a holistic healing strategy involving Decompression, Reduction and Stabilization (hence the initials). It combines manual spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, and rehabilitative exercises to relieve painful disc herniation, pinched nerves and related conditions, while also helping the patient strengthen his body against recurrences of these conditions.

What does DRS protocol treat? DRS protocol is useful for treating many different neurological and musculoskeletal problems that are caused or aggravated by abnormal spinal disc height and/or alignment. Degenerative joint disorders, traumatic injuries, unsuccessful back surgery, or a life of unbalanced posture can wreak havoc on your spine, allowing the discs between vertebrae to bulge out of the spinal column and press against sensitive nerve roots. This pressure may cause pain, weakness, loss of sensation, tingling, or other symptoms in the upper or lower limbs. DRS protocol is designed to correct these issues naturally and non-surgically.

What does spinal decompression do? Spinal decompression applies small but effective amounts of distraction force on the spine when patients lie on a motorized table. This distraction force creates negative pressure that literally sucks herniated disc back into place, relieving nerve pressure and pain.

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