Battling “Tech Neck” with Ergonomic Therapy – Pain Care Associates

Battling “Tech Neck” with Ergonomic Therapy – Pain Care Associates

Battling "Tech Neck" With Ergonomic Therapy - Pain Care Associates in Little Rock

Your suspicions are right - your phone is not your friend. Americans are increasingly reporting spine and back muscle pain at a younger age, and our dependence on smartphones and other screens are a likely culprit. Not only are we putting pressure on our spine by hunching over our keyboards, but as Physical Therapist Jamie Quinn told Women's Day magazine, "When you bend your neck and shoulders forward, the muscles in the front get tighter and the ones in back get weaker, so you're reinforcing a muscle imbalance over time." The resulting back pain can throw off your personal and professional life. Ergonomic therapy can prevent invasive surgeries or painkiller dependence by training your body and environment to work together in a healthy, productive way.

Good posture means a better bottom line for employers.

We're increasingly dependent on screens during work hours, using desktops, tablets, and cellphones. The pain associated with poor posture not only affects your personal life, but hampers your ability to be a good employee. According to a 2013 report by the Integrated Benefits Institute, nearly one in four U.S. employees experience lower back pain, costing their employers $51,400 annually per 100 employees in lost productivity and medical treatment. Lost work time and under-performance make up nearly two-thirds of that cost. Making changes to your work environment with an emphasis in ergonomic function can prevent expensive losses before they happen.

Kick back, relax, and mind your spine.

Your spine has evolved to perfectly support your upper body and head from the effects of gravity acting on them at all times. When we look down to look at our phone screen, we're throwing off that perfect balance and forcing our neck to pick up to 6 times the weight it holds when our body is in perfect alignment. The Neilson Company reported that 81% of American adults use smartphones to consume media for an average of an hour and 39 minutes a day. We wouldn't subject other parts of our body to that kind of strain (imagine holding a squatting or plank position for that long!), so why do we torture our necks? Limiting unnecessary screen time can help decrease pain and improve your mood, and monitoring your posture even during your "down time" can increase your ability to relax.

Pay attention to your pain.

Pain is an indicator that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. If you are experiencing neck or back pain while sitting still, your body may be signaling that your posture is the problem. Our chiropractors can assess your musculoskeletal health and pinpoint stress factors and how to overcome them. Solving your pain issue may require chiropractic adjustment or corrective care exercises. It's never too late to reverse the effects of bad posture. The sooner you seek assistance through ergonomic therapy, the sooner you'll be living and working pain free.

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