Winter Fender Benders and Hidden Injuries – Pain Care Associates

Winter Fender Benders and Hidden Injuries – Pain Care Associates

Winter Fender Benders and Hidden Injuries - Pain Care Associates in Little Rock

Minor fender benders on ice can cause pain long after the car accident. While most people and insurance companies believe that minor car accident injuries can be healed in as little as 12 weeks, the reality is that victims that do not get treated feel pain more than 10 years after the accident.

Dangers of Driving on Snow and Ice in Little Rock

Many individuals, especially when it first starts snowing, forget that the road conditions can change quickly. Snow and ice increases stopping distance because it impacts the ability of the tires to directly connect with the pavement. This can lead to minor fender benders and hidden car accident injuries.

While you may want to believe the hype that minor fender benders cause no injuries, it is not true. Even low speed accidents that occur during winter weather conditions can cause internal injuries to your back and neck. Headaches and neck pain are the most common complaint among car accident victims.

Whiplash is a real injury that causes severe damage to the neck. Symptoms include severe headaches, neck pain and stiffness and dizziness. Whiplash can take months to heal even when it is promptly treated by a chiropractor or medical doctor.

Chiropractic Care for Minor Fender Benders

Our Little Rock chiropractor can perform a physical examination to determine if you have any musculoskeletal injuries from your car accident. These injuries can be diagnosed even if you are not experiencing any pain or symptoms. Some car accident injuries, including sprains and strains of the back and neck, can take several days to fully manifest. By that time, your body has already started to heal the injury, creating inflammation and potentially affecting the surrounding soft tissues.

We offer chiropractic care, manual adjustments and rehabilitation to reduce your pain and help your car accident injuries heal. Our treatment options are completely non-invasive. They do not involve taking any medications, and they contain virtually no side-effects.

Did you know that seeing our chiropractor or a doctor after a car accident can help identify hidden injuries?

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