Spring Has Sprung! Is Your Back Ready? – Pain Care Associates

Spring Has Sprung in Little Rock! Is Your Back Ready? - Pain Care Associates

Spring Has Sprung! Is Your Back Ready? – Pain Care Associates

Now that spring is here, is your body ready for it? Many of us are delighted to embrace the warmer weather by indulging in our favorite outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, tennis, or just playing with loved ones in the park. But if your musculoskeletal system is out of tune, you may end up hurting instead of having fun. That is why we recommend that you pay a visit to Pain Care Associates, your source for preventative wellness care, pain treatment, and all things chiropractic in Little Rock.

Many sporting activities and techniques require a proper vertical balance and spinal alignment. If your body is off-balance, you may have trouble with your golf swing or tennis serve. This kind of problem not only affects your game, but in the long run it can also affect your health. Improper technique is a key factor in joint overuse injuries such as tennis or golf elbow, so if you wish to avoid these forms of tendonitis, a pre-emptive visit to our chiropractor might be a smart idea.

Uneven weight distribution can also affect your walking or running gait, causing the weight-bearing joints on one side to endure excessive forces. The underlying cause may lie in your spinal column, in your feet, or anywhere in between. By evaluating your posture and stance, we can pinpoint any issues that might put you at risk for sports injuries and then administer the appropriate chiropractic care to nip the problem in the bud.

Your Springtime Source for All Things Chiropractic in Little Rock

Your muscular strength and flexibility can also determine whether you enjoy your favorite spring sport or end up on the bench. Gentle limbering-up exercises will help to protect you against strains and sprains, and physical therapy can help promote muscle strength and restore full function if you need to heal a nagging winter injury before enjoying the new season. We can provide natural techniques to keep the spring in your step!

What is your favorite spring sport? Tell us!

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