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Managing Your Sciatica - Pain Care Associates in Little Rock

Managing Your Sciatica – Pain Care Associates

Managing your sciatica is much like dealing with an annoying co-worker - it's a pain but something you have to control. When you wince in pain each morning trying to put on your pants, it is time to seek solutions for your sciatica.

Sciatica Solutions in Little Rock

Our chiropractors offer immediate sciatica solutions. Gentle spinal manipulations ease the pressure off the sciatic nerve and can give you instant relief. Our doctors also adjust the rest of your spine to improve your posture and reduce muscular imbalances that may be aggravating your sciatica discomfort.

Daily Care

Your sciatica improves when you manage your symptoms with daily care. This includes exercises given by our Pain Care Associates chiropractors. Our doctors have valuable information on stretching, especially for your hamstrings and lower back, muscle strengthening and posture correction they share with you to manage your sciatica.

Some tips include avoiding twisting the back. For example, when getting out of a car, swing both legs around. Another way to manage your sciatica is to avoid lifting heavy objects until the pain subsides to give the inflammation time to heal. You may also need to alter the way you sit and keep both feet on the floor instead of crossing your legs. Speak with our chiropractors about other concerns such as the type of shoes that will best help you manage your sciatica symptoms.

Managing Pain

Pain Care Associates helps manage your pain during a flare up. Seek out our doctors for adjustments that provide an instant reduction in pain. Our chiropractors also recommend hot and cold packs or warm baths to reduce your discomfort.

Asking for Help

Although it is not easy, you may have to ask for help if you need to lift heavy objects or perform a task that requires a lot of bending. Take this time to care for yourself and allow time to heal.

We want you to live a pain-free, healthy life. Call us today and learn how to manage your sciatica.

Does your sciatica flare up after performing household tasks?

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