How Your Little Rock Physical Therapist Can Help You with Stress

How Your Little Rock Physical Therapist Can Help You with Stress

How Your Little Rock Physical Therapist Can Help You with Stress

Each year, a third of Americans die from stroke or heart disease. Many of these deaths could be prevented. Even here in beautiful  Little Rock, stress can affect your health. Diet, exercise, and smoking cessation are all critical elements in recovering from injury.

When stress is improperly managed, it can lead to poor health choices that increase the risks further. Stress can cause sleep disruption through discomfort or anxiety. Sleep deprivation is well known to increase the risk of factors leading to heart disease.

If you've been in an accident or experienced an injury, ordinary stressors can be greatly compounded. Your physical therapist should recognize the symptoms of stress and incorporate stress reduction into your sessions.

Little Rock Physical Therapist and Stress Management

Some stress can be avoided by refusing extra responsibilities; but, much day to day stress cannot be avoided. Childcare, work, and family needs are non-negotiable. But, learning to cope with stress better will cut down on its effects.

How to Better Manage Stress after an Injury

When confronted with a stressful situation, take a few moments to breathe mindfully. Doing so helps to take your body out of stress mode. Once the event has passed, taking a casual walk for thirty minutes can cleanse the stress hormones from your system. Meditation, reading or listening to music are great ways to spend time mindfully for valuable relaxation in an ordinarily non-stop stressful day.

Schedule Regular Chiropractic Care

Taking care of your spine and musculoskeletal system is a big part of eliminating excess tension in the body which can lead to anxiety, pain, discomfort and stress. Here at Pain Care Associates, your Little Rock Physical Therapist, we know how stress can affect your posture and the alignment of your spine.

Talk with Your Little Rock Physical Therapist

Your physical therapist in Little Rock should know everything you can tell them about your stress profile. Telling your physical therapist about your daily stressors will help them to create a physical therapy regimen that will serve you best to recover from your injury more completely, and to help you avoid future injury.

If you are injured and have a high-stress risk profile, call your professional physical therapist in Little Rock at (501) 223-3314  and let the experts at Pain Care Associates help you down the road to recovery.

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