Fall Flings and Chiropractic Things – Chiropractor in Little Rock

Fall Flings and Chiropractic Things - Chiropractor in Little Rock

Fall Flings and Chiropractic Things – Chiropractor in Little Rock

Great news: the Arkansas weather we love is back! Cooler temperatures are here and we're looking forward to the festive fun that the holiday months bring. Your Little Rock Chiropractors at Pain Care Associates want you to remember to take care of your body as new activities begin...

With the start of the fall season, you may be getting your checklist ready with things to do around the house, outdoor projects you've been wanting to save for cooler weather and active outings with the family. But before you jump in, it's smart to take a minute to remember your health as you prepare for the twisting, turning and bending you'll be doing as your fall activities ensue:

  • Remember your feet. Supportive shoes can prevent back pain later on. If you’re going on evening walks with the family or working in the yard, shoes with strong arch support should be your go-to.
  • Remember to take breaks. If you’re working in the garden, raking leaves or mowing the lawn, it’s a good idea to stand straight and assess yourself throughout the day. If you notice irritation or pain early, you could save yourself from potentially injuring yourself.
  • Remember your knees. If you’re lifting or heaving, bend at your knees rather than your waist or using your back. This protects your spine and muscles from unnecessary strain.
    Remember to stretch. It may seem silly at the time, but stretching before an after any kind of lengthy strenuous work will help your muscles avoid injury.
  • Remember to switch sides. So that you can balance the use of your muscles, switch sides every fifteen or thirty minutes.
  • Last but certainly not least, remember your chiropractor. Chiropractors offer natural approaches to keep you injury-free. Routine chiropractic care can help prevent injury or alleviate any pain you might be experiencing.

As you enjoy the cooler Arkansas weather and the many fun flings that come with the fall season, remember yourself and take care of your health. To talk with your local chiropractor or schedule an appointment for care, contact Pain Care Associates of Little Rock by clicking HERE!

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