Balance Issues and Vertigo FAQs at Pain Care Associates

Chiropractic Little Rock AR Vertigo

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is a feeling of dizziness or imbalance. Imagine spinning around in an office chair and then trying to walk. This dizzy feeling is similar to the one experienced if you are suffering from vertigo. You feel as if the room is spinning and you are standing still.

What causes Vertigo?

Vertigo has many causes. Our Pain Care Associates team works with people who have vertigo from conditions such as Meniere's disease, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), inner ear infections, ear nerve damage, or an inflammation of the ear's labyrinth. Each condition benefits from our chiropractic treatments, especially when paired with our physical therapists balance-improving programs.

Is my balance issue in the brain or the body?

Your balance mechanism is in your inner ear. When this is damaged, your brain receives the wrong information from this balance center. As a result, your body compensates by relying heavily on your eyes, limbs and muscles to right the wrong signals. This compensation is what can cause muscular imbalances that pull on your spine or joints. Our chiropractors can assess these imbalances and return your body to a healthier posture.

What does the physical therapist do for my balance?

Our physical therapists use Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, VRT, to re-train your balance system. VRT exercises are designed to stimulate your balance center and help your body determine where it is in space. Over time your brain begins to perceive the signals in a better way so you do not feel as if you, or the room is spinning. Each VRT program is unique and depends on the causes of your vertigo. Our therapists at Pain Care Associates will work with you to determine the best VRT program for your specific needs.

Are the results immediate?

While you may feel some improvement, you also may experience an increase in the dizziness at first. The VRT exercises target your balance center and may trigger vertigo, but this is why our therapists begin with only a few repetitions. As your brain and body adjust, your VRT sessions lengthen to help you overcome your balance issues.

Is VRT painful?

VRT is a non-invasive, natural treatment for your balance and vertigo issues. Our therapists will gently guide you through the exercises which may include walking while turning your head side to side, or quickly moving from a lying down to an upright position. The VRT exercises are not painful. Our therapists will also give you at-home exercises to do to continue your therapy and improve your balance.

How soon should I begin treatment in Little Rock or Benton?

VRT and chiropractic care for vertigo and balance issues can help at any time. Whether you are newly suffering from this issue or have been struggling for years, our Pain Care Associates team in Little Rock and Benton can benefit your balance and help you overcome your episodes of vertigo.

Contact our Little Rock or Benton office today so we can evaluate your condition and develop your individualized balance treatment plan.